1) тело, туловище, фигура (человека или животного), корпус

His aching body trembled. — Все его тело дрожало и болело.

Sobs shook her whole body. — Рыдания сотрясали все ее тело.

Her body shuddered. — Ее всю передернуло.

His whole body aches. — У него болит все тело.

A shiver runs through the body. — По телу пробежала дрожь.

He had a body of iron. — У него железное тело.

He could clearly see the bodies of the men sleeping in the tant. — Он хорошо видел фигуры мужчин, которые спали в палатке.

- human body
- strong body
- bare body
- angular body
- white body
- feeble body
- sweating body
- supple body
- long body
- woman's body
- fat body
- short body
- light body
- rigid body
- tender body
- stout body
- thick body
- resilient body
- sickly body
- crippled body
- disfugured body
- trembling body
- slim body
- well-developed body
- body language
- body clock
- body carriage
- body linen
- body guard
- body frozen stiff
- body covered with wounds
- body in motion
- body of a girl
- body of a horse
- body of a dog
- weight of the body
- temperature of the body
- part of a body
- care of the body
- strength of the body
- pains of the mind and of the body
- disease of the body
- desires of the body
- spot on the body
- rash on the body
- scar on one's body
- keep one's body strong
- strain the body
- feel the body all over
- rub the body
- relax the body
- examine the body
- mutilate smb's body
- lean heavily with one's body
- take care of one's body
- protect with one's own body
- slip smth on one's bare body
- every nerve in smb's body feels smth
- train a healthy body
- lean one's body back
- keep one's body warm
- lie with one's body stretched
- feel smb's body stiffen
- smb's body shakes violently
- smb's whole body grows cold
2) труп, мёртвое тело (человека или животного), останки

His body was brought back to England for burial. — Его тело было возвращено в Англию для захоронения.

They buried the two bodies in one grave. — Оба трупа были захоронены в одной могиле.

Several lifeless bodies were washed ashore from the wreck. — После кораблекрушения несколько мертвых тел/мертвецов прибило к берегу.

- dead body
- unidentified body
- bury the dead body
- give the body a decent burial
- identify the body
- drag the river for a drowned body
- lay out a body
- turn up a body
- dig out the body
- dispose of the body
3) вещество, тело

There was a foreign body in his eye. — У него в глазу было инородное тело.

All material bodies tend to fall toward the earth. — Все физические/материальные тела падают на землю.

- liquid body
- opaque body
- metalic bodies
- gaseous bodies
- visible heavenly bodies
- speed at which a falling body travels amounts to ...
4) группа людей (объединённых общей целью, задачей), общество, ассоциация, лига, сообщество

A body of settlers established themselves on the island. — Группа поселенцев устроилась на острове.

She belongs to a rapidly disappearing body of street caterers. — Она принадлежит к быстро исчезающему классу уличных торговцев.

- learned body
- school governing body
- examining body
- illustrous body
- long-established body
- charitable body
- prosperous body
- body corporate
- judges as a body
- come in a body
- resign in a body
5) орган, организация, совет, инстанция

The commission is a five-member body. — Эта комиссия - орган, состоящий из пяти человек.

The association is becoming a numerous and powerful body. — Ассоциация становится многочисленной и мощной организацией.

- public body
- legislative body
- executive body
- diplomatic body
- policy making body
- bargaining body
- permanent body
- confirming body
- elected body
- research body
- underground body
- arbitration body
- sister body
- parent body
- governing body of the institution
- recognize the Congress as the governing body
- leave the meeting in a body in a body
6) основная часть (чего-либо), главная часть (чего-либо)

We sat in the body of the hall and the actors performed on the stage. — Мы сидели в центральной части зала, а актеры играли на сцене.

The important news comes in the body of the letter. — Самые важные известия изложены в основной части письма.

It was incorporated in the main body of the dictionary. — Это было включено в корпус словаря.

- body of a car
- body of a ship
- body of a watch
- body of an airplane
- body of a tree
- body of the letter
- student body of a college
- body of a structure
- main body of the citizens
- general body of creditors
- main body of an army
- body of flame
7) консистенция, густота, плотность

The soup has no body — суп жидкий. /Суп - "одна вода".

- body of oil
- wine with plenty of body
- wine of full body
- wine has a good body
- wine has no body
8) совокупность, масса, количество, массив

Numerous large bodies of unemployed men marched through the streets. — Безработные многочисленными группами шли по улицам.

He has a great body of facts (of information) to prove his theory (his statement). — Он собрал массу фактов (информации), подтверждающих его теорию (его утверждение).

The hotel stands beside a body of water. — Гостиница стоит у воды.

Only over my dead body! — Только через мой труп!

To keep one's body and sout together. /To keep body and soul together. — Еле-еле душа в теле.

A healthy mind goes with a healthy body. /A sound mind in a sound body. — В здоровом теле, здоровый дух

- body of cold air
- body of land
- body of fuel
- body of laws
- strong body of evidence
- large body of water
- narrow body of water
- large body of graduates
- stop a little distance from the main body of the the crowd

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